Digital Marketing Services for Small Business

Digital Marketing Services for Small Business

No problem at all. If you are not aware or never heard about digital marketing ever in your life. You have came to the right blog. So to make things easier to understand, let us first understand the older but effective way of traditional marketing.

To better understand what is digital marketing, you first need to know what traditional marketing means.

traditional marketing

Have you seen ads in magazines, newspapers, billboards, brochure or take any print ads. This medium of marketing is known as traditional marketing. Whether it could be big or small companies such big brands use to promote their products to attract customer to generate leads or sell their products.

But it was later found traditional marketing has its own disadvantages. Because print ads which are usually can be found in the form of visiting card, brochure or newspaper ads. The reach of this ads is limited to a certain level. Also, this type of ads are basically static, so what exactly consumers feels about that particularly feels about that brand of product was never rated.

For example, a famous car brand put big billboards and bandit signs on the streets. You would either look it or ignore it or have some feedback. But you would never take forward and contact the advertiser and say I have few suggestion on your product blah blah etc. But static ads are easily forgotten unless nowadays big brands have global campaign running which has creativity eye-grabbing marketing.

I would still say traditional marketing is effective in some ways. It doesn’t mean traditional marketing has to go out of this world.

So what is digital marketing? Here I will explain in detail.

what is digital marketing

Digital marketing is a promotional technique which can be deployed in the form of a website, video, television, and radio.

Digital age started when the internet was actually launched. Big brands started building their own brand website so that global audience can access company data from anywhere in the world. It was easier than traditional marketing techniques of passing company information through brochure to the targeted end consumers.

Today generation brands want to promote their products and brand through internet marketing which is known as digital marketing.

The Main factor of digital marketing objective is keeping consumers engaged and allow them to interact with the digital media. I will give you one example, you have might notice on many websites where you are asked to fill in your email and name to download e-books.

Some FMCG company ask you to complete their survey which usually complete in 2 minutes and in return you are eligible to get free samples of their products.

Digital Marketing Competition

digital marketing competition

Everyone has to stand on top, whether it is ranking on top in major search engines like Google and Bing. To stay in the market and compete with your business competitors, companies are following different digital marketing strategies.

What are different ways of digital marketing?

different ways of digital marketing

  • Search Engine optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • YouTube Video Marketing
  • Digital Display Advertising
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Web Analytics


long tail search engine optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process and strategy to improve your website search engine rankings. Because of high competition, everyone wants their website or blog to be visible on the first page of google.

To get good rankings in google, SEO is a process where you can implement strategies such as keyword research, on page optimization, off page optimization and getting high PR backlinks so that authority of your content and domain is higher.

In simple term SEO is techniques and tactics to increase the numbers of traffic to your website through organic visitors through search engines.


pay per click ppc

Most of you have already seen text and display ads running on blogs, website and on the google first page itself. Those ads campaigns are running through google Adwords which is called PPC campaign.

Getting organic traffic to website is slower process. But if you run your PPC campaign using adwords, you get huge traffic on your landing page depending how much budget you set for adwords campaign.

PPC is a simply paid model in digital marketing where advertisers have to pay for running a campaign. Advertisers can either show display banners or text ads.

Each time whenever your ad is clicked and redirected to customer website or landing page. Advertiser has to pay for per click. So it’s a win situation for both the advertisers and customer who is targeting and looking for his requirement through ads.


social media marketing

Every brand in this world has their brand available and accessible on Facebook, twitter and linkedin. You will find 100+ social media website across the internet. But best popular social media websites are:

So what exactly is social media marketing?

It is always great to get more traffic from google. But by using social media marketing you can also drive huge traffic to your website.

You can create company business page on Facebook to reach your targeted audience to share updates about your products or any new which you want to promote your brand.

You can post corporate videos and demos on Facebook, where people will like it and also share with their circles in Facebook.

The goal of social media marketing is to update the latest news about their brand and update it on social media to increase company brands exposure.

You can have your facebook business page web address as “” similar for twitter you can have “”.

Social media marketing is the easiest way to keep visitors engage and stay connected with the brands.


content marketing content is king

Creating high quality content which is valuable to inform and engage an audience is called as content marketing. The Audience is always looking for answers about brands and they want to interact with the brands.

Benefits of content marketing include building a good long-term audience and boost your website traffic and awareness of your brand.

Content is a king, so for promoting your content you can follow this strategies such as:

  • Creating a corporate blog where you publish your content regularly.
  • You can create pdf e-books with gateway forms so that you can also collect emails to send periodic emails.
  • Whitepapers and reports are also same as an e-book but have more detail information about your brands.
  • You can also build real case studies with the complete success stories about customers using your brands. As case studies promote the actual success of brands.


email marketing

You want to make a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about your brand or product. The first easiest way is to send an email to your subscribers. Email marketing is the easiest way to stay connected with your customers and also promote your business at the same time.

You can build your email database by adding subscribe for newsletter form on your website. So that customers and audience can subscribe for latest updates about your brand and business.

To collect email from your website you can use AWEBER or MAILCHIMP, you just have to take few codes from email marketing application and it directly collect and stores the email in the application.

For sending bulk email to customers and subscribers you can use this both services provider. AWEBER and MAILCHIMP are the best email marketing application which makes life easier to create templates and sending bulk email easily with A/B Split testing available.


Facebook marketing

Facebook marketing is simple and easy. You can create Facebook ads easily for your page or a particular post. You need to first have your Facebook business page. When creating ads on Facebook you can also customize adverts using advert creation tool.

You can target audience, location using different metrics when creating this ad. Also, you get back-links traffic to your website so that you can have a landing page also.


youtube marketing

Videos are the best for promoting the brands. You can have your own YouTube channel where you can post tutorials, presentations, interview etc.

Chances of videos getting viral are very high, so you can create interactive videos and post on your YouTube channel.

You can also promote videos using YouTube ads by bidding on keywords to appear your videos on the first page.


digital display advertising

Digital display advertising plays a crucial role in digital marketing. You can create interactive banner ads with different sizes format which contains item such as text, image, video and audio.

This banner ads can be displayed on blog related to your brand nice with great domain authority. DoubleClick is best ad server for interactive digital display ads.



As we already know mobile is future of marketing. 90% of audience access the internet through mobile device.

You create mobile search ads with google mobile ad extensions. This ad can have Call-to-Call Mobile ad extension which creates call button beneath of your ad. So that you can communicate directly with your audiences.


viral marketing

Viral marketing is similar to social media marketing. Viral marketing is the process how brands spread the information about a product using social media networks.

It can be through videos, infographic or content. But this has to be over the top strategies and campaign. You may need to hire an advertising agency to make a successful viral marketing campaign.


web analytics website traffic

Web analytics is a measurement of a collection of data, traffic, and back link report of the website. For measuring own website traffic you can install google analytics.

If you want to measure your competitive traffic, keywords and backlinks you can use SEMRUSH powerfull marketing tool.


Future of digital marketing
Most companies around the world have increased their digital marketing budget from 5% to 30%. Digital marketing always delivers the better results for generating great opportunities and leads.

According to research in coming years more and more companies will be hiring Digital marketing managers. So someone who wants to make their careers in digital marketing can easily get in this fields. Also, you get highly paid for this job compared to other job profile.

We love hearing from you, so please don’t forget to comments below. Sharing is caring, please appreciate us to write more articles which will help you all in your business or anything.

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