Digital Marketing Consultant: Growth Hacker for Startup Business

What is Italkcool all about?

Who is Jiten Surve..?

How did he become a Digital Marketer [Growth Hacker]?

I started my career at the age of 16. Being from middle class family and one child to my family. I had no choice but to start working at the early age of 16. I had to give up my dream of studying in reputed university and pursue my higher education.

I worked in many industries, right from marketing, data entry, proof reading, graphic designer, web developer, content writer etc. But side by side I was doing my graduation. As I don’t have to creep for my entire life by saying because of money I was not able to study.

It was back in 2005. When I had got an opportunity to work with a big MNC from Pune as a web designer. Life was great, I was earning good salary monthly. I had finally got my first bike from my earnings. Life was happening till 2009. Suddenly we got a news from our senior management, because of recession the company will be shut down immediately.

That day was a major setback for everyone who was working with the company. I had no job, don’t know what will be my next step.

I started investing my time on internet and finding ways to make money online and learn something new. I don’t want myself to again work in Web development. Though graphic and web designing skills are really helping me now.

I came to know about Digital Marketing, SEO, Blogging. Although there were no proper institute available in India. I sent few email to people who were experts in this fields from other part of India.

Then one-day good news arrived. I was contacted from one of the professional blogger from USA to work as an intern on his blog. I didn’t not think about refusing it. I started working with him. Came to know about WordPress, blogging, email marketing, digital marketing and SEO.

After 1 year of learning from him. I finally had opportunity to work as Digital Marketing Manager for many companies. Also, worked for many clients from across the world for ranking their business websites on the search engines.

Why Italkcool is different?

We won’t publish outdated news..

As internet is full of great information, right from travel, technology, education etc. But if we talk about Digital Marketing and SEO, there are lot of outdated information are on the top page results because of search engine optimization, backlinks and long articles. But if you check, most of this article are published 4 years ago and author just update few text in the article to fool the search engines.

Here comes Italkcool. Being a Digital Marketing consultant, my job is to keep updated with latest search engine algorithm and search engine ranking factors.

It is very much obvious that you can’t follow the Digital Marketing or SEO strategy which was followed 5 years back. So, at Italkcool, I always edit the overall content according to current SEO ranking factors.

Why startup business needs a Growth Hacker?

Most of the startup companies hire a SEO freelancer or a digital marketing agency. As most of this startup business thinks if they rank their business keywords top of the search engines they will get more business.

As usual your website will be ranked by SEO agencies on the first page. But what NEXT? Did you get leads because of SEO?

Answer is BIG NO. Most of this company are failing to get good return of investment from this service.

SEO or Digital Marketing agency have different clients and people who worked on the projects are handling multiple projects at the same time. So, they don’t really care what exactly is your business. Their job is to improve ranking of your website by doing some on-page and off-page optimization.

Awarded – Top 50 Influential Digital Marketing Leaders

Jitendra was listed among the ‘Top 50 Influential Digital Marketing Leaders’ at the prestigious platform – Mobile and Digital Marketing Summit organized and hosted by CMO Asia.

How can I help you to scale your business?

I never overload myself with multiple Digital Marketing projects. I follow simple rule 1 project at 1 time. Whenever I accept any projects, I asked one thing to my clients “what is your goals from your business”.

As a Digital Marketing Consultant [A Professional Growth Hacker]. My main aim is to skyrocket the success of your startup business. I will use multiple strategies such as SEO, Website development, A/B spit testing, lead conversions forms, Digital marketing, Paid campaigns, Case studies, News release, Blog posting, Social media marketing to improve your business brand.

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