Indi social video platform was launched in US in 2013 and after 3 years finally will be launching in India on 28th April 2016.

What is will allow users to create videos from range of 20 seconds to 20 minutes long. So if you are film institute students and you have short movies you can upload it on to become famous.

We already are aware about youtube, Instagram, facebook where we can upload the videos for free. But is different from all, it has gain lot of popularity in US because of it is viewer ship.

But the amount of quality videos on youtube, Instagram and facebook are less which is why people tends to ignore those videos. People sharing cat videos, funny videos, personal videos are loaded in the youtube and facebook.

But is totally different from this social video platforms. An aspiring actors, directors can publish their portfolios and short movies at

Many companies have started to promote marketing videos at, soon it will be main marketing social video platform in India as well.

Understanding Power of Digital Video Marketing

Most of us are not aware about important strategy of content marketing can done by videos ads. You can easily promote your business video ads at is a brand where an artist, director, retailers and corporate houses can promote their ads through this social video platform. backed by Anil Kapoor an actor and producer

Bollywood famous actor have invested in so young actors can use this social video platform to promote their talent.

Tune in for more updates about, we will give detail review on it after launch of on 28th April 2016.