Backlinks building 2019 - 7 easy steps

There are various powerful ways to build on your back links to increase the budget which will efficiently take you to the right direction. There are numerous steps which can be covered, however these listed below are the essential and the easiest ways which can help  you build links on budget in the most appropriate and efficient manner. backlink building 2018


The one important point which should be kept in mind is to use the guest graphics in order to get the authority of the contextual back links. Basically the info graphics are the popular forms of content types which attract the major back links. The study of the blogs has found out that info graphics help the content generation and attracts most of the back links. The info graphics must always be shared daily on information media or the social media.


The next important step is to create data heavy content in order to build white hat back links. Most of the people do it the wrong way due to which they are not able to get the contextual back links. There is no high quality blog which would accept a guest post which has the promotional back links for the homepage of the website. In order to create the high quality blogs, the bloggers need to create the link worthy content on their own blog and then use it in the reference for the future guest posts. The publishing of the info graphic will help the blog and the posts with lots of references. The research shows the heavy content linked with the data gets opinionated on a faster route than the other content.


The next thing which you can do is to provide testimonials for the services you trust and then get a link in return for that. The free testimonial can be offered to the users in case you are using an email marketing tool or a website hosting service or any other tool or plugin. Keyword also plays a vital role in link building. Choosing a suitable keyword helps the search engine (preferably google) to bridge the gap between the content on your website and what the person is searching for. For example if you want to rank a University page, should build links on keyword like Manav Rachna International University (MRIU) Faridabad.

Broken Links

Then there is also a step to use the broken links to build the strategies to steal the links of others. The effective strategy will help you deal with the high authority links in the most appropriate way. There are thousands of links which are pointing to the resources which are no longer in use. In order to take the advantage of this, the clients can gain a similar resource and reach out to the sites which are an outdated resource and let them know about their links. A simple tool can be built to take advantage of this. The pages with the broken links must be found and then a premier tool must be selected or created in order to have the best extensions for them. The broken link finder is also one of the free Google chrome extension which can be used. The few of the broken links can be created in a similar and a more valuable manner for reaching out to the website and its owner.

Skyscraper Techniques

The next important step will be to use the skyscraper technique in order to earn the powerful back links. If the back links are earned with the superior quality content, then this will be a jackpot for the website. It is essential to identify the keywords for the rankings. The blog posts should be listed down in order to relate to the target words which are popular on social media already and then it will have dozens of links which are pointing to them. An even better blog can be created or a blog post which will be more actionable and easier to understand and will also provide more value to the same. The relevant blog owners should reach out to each other and convince them about the links to the content instead.

Using Aggregators

One more thing can be getting the easy links from the All Top and the other blog aggregators for the website. There will be less fruits if you submit your website to the other blog aggregators for the high quality content, when you can easily secure various high authorities multiple links through the submission of your blogs from a different industry. The general blog aggregators can also help you in this situation. There are a large number of free as well as paid blog aggregators which can be utilized in an optimum manner. The list of the famous and the most crucial blog aggregators will be found on the internet once you search for it. Instead of these blog aggregators, the work can be submitted to the content cu-ration platforms as well for superior scrutinization. Most of these platforms are already used by thousands of users for improving the efficiency and accuracy. A lot of exposure and opportunities open up to the bloggers once they indulge in this type of consistency.

Using Proper Link

The bloggers can also look for the .Edu links from the resource pages available. This is the easiest way to secure the links from the domains in a significant way as it has more value as compared to the usual links. The .edu domains are trusted by Google as it is used by most of the universities, colleges, and other educational research institutes. Popular exams like Common Law Entrance Test (CLAT) 2018-2019, TS-LAWCET Exam 2018-2019, JEE, CAT etc draw a lot of traffic. Many of the universities have built various websites with resource pages from where the links can be retrieved in the most affordable way for the betterment of the bloggers. One thing is that most of the resource pages are not updated regularly which means that there might be a chance of a broken or an outdated link on those websites. The broken links can be found by the methods mentioned on the various websites or on Google as per your own records and convenience.  Also, even if there are no broken links, then one can still reach out to the university in the best possible way if one has created a high quality piece of content which is useful for the students. Also, to increase the chances of acceptance, the content should be detailed, backed by solid research and in depth in study.

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