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BlueHost Web Hosting Review – High Performance and Rocket Speed

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A Complete Overview on BlueHost Review

Every business is online now and you need to have your business website. But it might be a daunting task if you are not aware about good web hosting companies. Without knowledge you could tie up with bad hosting companies which will affects your business badly.

Bad hosting will have high downtime and slow performance speed of your website. But don’t worry we have a strong hosting recommendation for you.

BlueHost is a very powerful web hosting company used by many top corporate. Just google for the keyword: “best shared hosting” and google will give you result about BlueHost in first top 20 pages.

There are many hosting company around the world. All of them will recommend you to purchase the hosting from them. But once your website goes live, you will start getting issues like slow performance of your website, lack of technical support and high pricing.

But in return you will not get value for your money spending on the hosting. The common issues with the hosting are unable to handle high traffic on website, lack of quick technical support, high server downtime and slow speed and performance of your website.

So I decided to create report on BlueHost, why it is considered and recommended by professional bloggers and website owners.

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History and Introduction of BlueHost

BlueHost is a web hosting company and one of the largest web hosting company in the world. Matt Heaton, CEO of the company started the venture BlueHost in 1996. He went on to look into technical structure of Blue host once Dan Handy took over as a CEO of BlueHost in June 2011.

Recently in January 2015, Mike Olson is CEO at BlueHost. BlueHost awarded for best business choice award in the year 2016.

Bluehost was specially know for shared hosting, but now they have bunch of offers in their baskets. They offer VPS, dedicated server and not forgot managed WordPress hosting.

Happy Customers of BlueHost

BlueHost is giving their shared hosting services to web industry from past 20 years. So they have lot of experience to managed big and small websites or blogs.

Here are some happy customers who have their corporate website hosted on BlueHost from long time. They faced no issues from past 5 years and continued to be happy customers for BlueHost.

Some of the top Business Website on BlueHost Review: Hosting which I came across.

GetPaid Social:

Quotes Paper:

Quiz Freak:

Moms Online Recipes:

News Me Back:

Customers are happy with the BlueHost as they provide good faster performance and great package. As all of you know your website uptime is really important element and if your website is down frequently, then you are losing many business opportunities.

You won’t face any downtime if you opt for BlueHost Hosting.

If you are happy with the BlueHost review and want to purchase it right now. Just activate the BlueHost discount coupon from here.

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You can buy shared hosting if you have static Html website and if you have WordPress website or a blog. You can buy shared WordPress hosting both prices are same.

Performance & Speed BlueHost Review

Without wasting any time, let us test one corporate website hosted on BlueHost. I found that this corporate website which is built in WordPress is 85% faster than other tested sites for different hosting. Check below screenshot for the proof.

bluehost review shared hosting

So if you go technically, infrastructure of bluehost server are high on standards and they used great hardware’s to give fast performance on website hosted on their shared hosting.

If you talk about uptime about website, BlueHost is always reliable. I had personally never experienced any downtime for my website and WordPress blog. Sometimes if there are major server maintenance at bluehost. It is done within 10-15 minutes.

You will always receive a notification from them about the reason. But maintenance can happen once in 3 years. So you won’t face any downtime’s.

BlueHost Technical Plus Points

BlueHost is around here for 20 years and they gained great confidence from their loyal customers. They provide top notch shared hosting with efficient infrastructure.

BlueHost have also come with CPU throttling features for their customer to speed up the performance of the hosting servers.

Let us have a quick overview on BlueHost offering for shared hosting which affordable for everyone who to host their websites on BlueHost.

Quick glance on BlueHost Advantages for shared hosting:

  • When you buy hosting from Bluehost, you will get 1-year domain free
  • You will get access to newly looked cpanel which are integrated with tools for files, statistics, email, upgrades, domains, website, professional service, promotional, security, database tools, programming, preference and partners
  • Unlimited email accounts for having email for your employees
  • Integrated with cloudflare to boost the speed of your website
  • 24×7 live chat support
  • 20 days’ money back guarantee if you are not happy with the hosting
  • One click installations for CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc
  • Backups of all your website data are created daily and 1 click restoration of your data

WordPress Shared Hosting for Bloggers

BlueHost is also famous with the bloggers as most of the top professional bloggers prefers to use WordPress. So if you want to start your own blog it is highly recommended to use Bluehost WordPress shared hosting.

By using one click installer you can install a latest WordPress blog on your hosting. The performance of your blog hosted on BlueHost will never let you down, even if you have 20+ plugins installed on your WordPress.

BlueHost can easily handle high traffic on your blog.

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BlueHost Review Shared Plans Offering

bluehost review shared hosting plans

BlueHost Shared hosting offers 3 plans which are basic, plus and prime. All of this plans are compared on the basis of what services you get from this plans. So let us start digging on each plan mentioned on BlueHost shared Hosting.

BlueHost Basic Plan Starts at $3.95 per month

Basic plan is for those who have their startup business or startup bloggers. When you purchase the basic plan you are allowed host 1 website.

Starup website or startup bloggers use around 2 -3 gb data space maximum. But BlueHost gives away 50GB space and offers unmetered bandwith.

Performance of server is standard though out the shared hosting plans. You parked domain around 5 and have 25 sub domains in this plan. You have limitations of 5 emails account with storage of 100Mb which sufficient for the startup business or startup bloggers.

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BlueHost Plus Plan Starts at $5.95 per month

Plus Plan is advanced plan you don’t have any limitations, you can host as many websites in this plan. You get unlimited website space, bandwidth and performance.

In addition, you get $200 marketing offers for free and 1 spam experts.

BlueHost Discount

Best Value Prime Plan Starts at $5.95 per month

Prime Plan is same as plus plan but you get additional features such as domain privacy, site backup pro. This plan is for well-established blogs and websites with higher traffics.

BlueHost Discount

Managed WordPress Hosting with BlueHost

So if you are professional blogger and very established and getting lot of high traffic on your blog. There is no reason to worry. You can move from shared hosting to BlueHost Managed WordPress hosting plan.

Big corporate can also move from their shared hosting to WordPress Managed hosting. As managed WordPress hosting will always take care of automatic backup, theme, WordPress version and plugins updating. So you don’t have to worry to manually checking for plugin updates.

BlueHost have optimized WordPress hosting which is fast, secure and reliable. BlueHost WordPress Managed Hosting is for those who are getting very high traffic on their blogs or websites.

Let us have quick comparison on BlueHost WordPress Managed Hosting

bluehost review managed wordpress hosting

Most Popular Plan starts from $19.99 per month

Most popluar plan can handle 100 million visits per month. You have great storage space with around 30Gb space and backup around 30Gb. You get 2Gb ram for faster performance of your WordPress website or a blog.

You will also get access to enhanced cpanel with security features as sitelock pro.

BlueHost Discount

Wp Enhanced Plan starts from $29.99 per month

Wp Enhanced plan can handle traffic around 300 million visits per month with 60gb of space with 4gb ram to boost your website speed. You also get sitelock CDN to speed up your website.

BlueHost Discount

Wp Premium Plan starts from $39.99 per month

Wp Premium Plan handle around 600 million visits per month and you get 120gb storage with 6Gb ram. You also get premium SSL from Positive SSL. For security of website additional sitelock premium is also added in your kitty.

BlueHost Discount

Wp Ultimate Plan starts from $49.99 per month

Wp Ultimate plan can handle unlimited visitors per months and you full power of 8Gb ram dedicated to you. You also have Positive wildcard SSL to secure you website or a blog.

BlueHost Discount

BlueHost Review 24/7 Phone, Chat Support

Whichever hosting you buy, Customer support is the heart of any hosting service provider. BlueHost provides high quality support to their customers.

They have support resources online. You can access BlueHost knowledge base article to quickly resolve your issues in quick time.

But if you are not sure about any particular issues. You can contact BlueHost customer care to discuss and resolve your issues. You have option to use live chat or you can directly call on their numbers provide here.

The support response is quick and fast. Within quick time your issues are resolved on phone and chat. BlueHost are number 1 in customer support because they know value of their customer’s business.

Activate BlueHost Discounts

You can avail great discounts for shared hosting or managed WordPress hosting, if you purchase hosting from us. We have got discounts on BlueHost Shared Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting. To activate your discount, you can click on this button.

You can come back to this page, if you are planning to buy BlueHost in future. We will always keep discount codes here ready for you.

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Conclusion of BlueHost Review

In short BlueHost is the best hosting you can buy. You don’t have to worry about your website performance at all. You can concentrate on your business without worry about technical issues on your website.

BlueHost have quite a long years of experience. This is my personal experience and many other bloggers from my circle have given 5 start to BlueHost. So you can rely on BlueHost.

Also BlueHost plans are much cheaper compare to other big guys around there. But the important thing is performance of BlueHost hosting is mind blowing. You will love BlueHost and they will never let your website down with performance.

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